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Holistic Aromatherapy Massage

holistic aromatherapy massageRobin Michaels
Aromatherapist, LMT (MT-03779P)

100% BIO-DYNAMIC, WILD OR ORGANIC ORIGINS ALWAYS. Your skin and Body/Mind will appreciate the intrinsic care provided in quality products. 

Any time schedule allows. Need two therapists; I most likely can coordinate that. ADD $50.00 per person.

Sessions listed below are OUTCALL available.

Holistic Aromatherapy Massage Sessions

sedona holistic aromatherapy massageHolistic Aromatherapy Massage
140.00/60min - 190.00/90min 
An integration of different massage techniques promotes relaxation, improving circulation, enhancing overall skin tone, and soothing muscle tension.  Techniques are intuitively geared toward your needs and may include: Swedish, Therapeutic, range of motion, focus work, reflexology, reiki, and essential oils for muscle tension or additional essential oils to suit your needs.  Massage helps to restore balance and ensure a sense of well-being throughout your system.  

Medicinal Aromatherapy Massage
A 90-minute session /240.00
Follow your bliss!  Using 100% organic, wild, bio-grown, medicinal grade essential oils.  Relaxing through olfactory while every pore drinks in the kingdom of the divine essence of nature, creating a symphony of inner wisdom merging spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical to an optimal healing level.  This will awaken your true nature to feel states of grace that leave you feeling more rejuvenated and aware.  This session is designed to address the CNS, Immune, Endocrine, Digestive, Cardiovascular, Respiratory, and Lymphatic Systems.  Your therapist will incorporate soothing massage strokes, a healing touch, and intuitive guidance on your journey into this new dimension. Harnessing the healing energy of nature!
Express Me with EO’s – A 60min session /140.00
30min back, neck, and shoulders w/30min foot reflexology. 

Couples Loving Touch Massage

A two-hour journey!  400.00 per couple
Learn the basic art of sharing massage with your partner, in YOUR intimate and quaint environment. Giving and receiving that loving touch to one another.  Your guide on this special journey will assist in teaching basic massage techniques that will aid you both in de-stressing and relaxing one another on new levels.  Creating a stronger healing and loving bond between couples on your intimate journey in this life together.  Plus a little gift bag - for your new loving touch journey together! Wonderful session for anniversary and honeymooners or just because!

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