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robin michaels cosmic essential oilsRobin Michaels, LMT

Robin Michaels is an Aromatherapist and an Arizona Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT). Robin has over twenty-two years of experience in Bodywork and Thirty-three years within the Holistic Health realm. Robin has worked as the Spa Coordinator/Manager at the Adobe Grand Bed and Breakfast from 2006 to 2021 and as an independent practice specializing in Holistic Aromatherapy Massage.  Robin graduated from the Harold J. Reilly School of Massage Therapy at the Edgar Cayce Foundation in 1994 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. 

Robin is the owner and founder of Cosmic Essential oils, LLC, wholesaling Cosmic Essential oil products and assisting Spa and Holistic businesses with signature products suited to their unique businesses since 2004.  Cosmic Essential oils was inspired by her desire to comfort and aid her son who suffered from Migraines, the results were victoriously AMAZING and the rest, well . . . it’s a Heart Based, Honest Evolution still Magically Flowering : )

Actualizing personal well-being through the responsive rhythm of nature; Inherently Essential!

Mission Statement

Cosmic Essential oils creates alternative products for the sensitive individual seeking consciously cultivated and natural ingredients for healing the body, mind and spirit.  We source raw materials from conscious and integral farmers, wild-crafters and small companies that are in rhythm with Mother Nature and are in appreciation of the gifts provided naturally, coming from a place of Heart and Love for what they do.  Our intention is to connect with ease those seeking clean, natural and healing alternative products that emit a loving vibration, knowing that integrity is present in all we provide and do.  Cosmic Essential oils offers a professional, friendly and personal experience, bringing you exceptional quality and genuine care.  En-Joy!


"Thank you Robin for the Love My Face Oil, it feels and smells incredibly good on and lasts for a long time!" — at Sedona's New Day Spa. Andrea Bordelon

"Robin, thank you so much for suggesting the Helichrysum hydrosol and the "love my face" oil. I love them both. Just afraid I might love them "too much."
It's easy to see the passion you have for your work! So talented!!" — Royall Bentley

"Robin has been working her magic for me for over 5 years. Her intuitive use of massage & essential oils has eased the discomfort of two lifelong medical concerns. She has a deep understanding of the body’s energy and is able to tune into where I need extra work. She has a lot of power in those hands and provides a full body massage. The cottage has a beautiful ambience that is soothing. The views from her table are breathtaking (not that my eyes are open much). She offers a wonderful/thoughtful massage. Robin is truly brilliant and I cannot thank her enough!" — Debra Debs

"I have worked in the health care industry for over 20 years and have run Harmony Home Care for over 10 years. Recently I hired Robin to make designer blend oils to assist a terminal patient and the health care team during my clients transition. I am deeply grateful for Robin’s assistance with the designer blends that I am implementing to help achieve balance, serenity and a positive healing atmosphere in my home and service. They are amazing healing tools. A welcome addition to my health care regime. A harmonious home is truly a healing home!"

Sincerely, Mary Theresa Pearson
Harmony Home Care
Sedona, AZ

A Local Taste of Arizona, ice cream social at New Frontiers
Kudos, July 6, 2005

Happy Head essential oil blend - The birth of Cosmic Essential oils, LLC, was indeed inspired by the enthusiasm of oil created by a mother for her son who had long suffered from migraine headaches.

"With intention, knowledge and prayerful connection Happy Head was born, " says founder, Robin Michaels. "I had helped my son get relief from the migraines through diet and other holistic avenues but something was still amiss so I created a medicinal essential oil blend to assist in his process. Both he and I were happily amazed at the effect of this blend."

Robin Michaels, founder of Cosmic Essential Oils, says "The intention in my creations is as important as the intuitive and knowledgeable choices I make in each blend."

Michaels, a holistic health practitioner, started using Happy head essential oil blend below the table while massage clients were face down on the massage table to help keep the sinuses open. The word spread. Michaels found herself making the blend for family, friends, clients and getting great feedback. A friend and client suggested she begin making it for others because it was so helpful. Thus, Cosmic Essential Oils was started as a business in August of 2004.

New Frontiers Natural Marketplace (Sedona, AZ) host local Vendors the first Thursday of every month from noon to 6 p.m., so you can experience various local AZ products and meet with their creators!

New Frontiers Natural Marketplace carries the Happy Head Blend in 5 ml and the Cosmic Heal Lip Seal.

"I wanted to give you an unsolicited testimonial on your products, specifically your 'Cosmic Heal Lip Seal"'

I had a nasty fever blister on my lower lip: split lip, raw and bleeding - nasty! For 3 days, I used Blistex, and got no results: no healing, and barely any relief. Then I remembered that I had your "Cosmic Heal Lip Seal". I started applying it to the fever blister last night, and this morning it was virtually gone!"

You are a healer! Thank you." — Bob Porter, Henderson, NV